Worldwide Shipping / International Shipping rate

CountriesFedEx Priority
3-4 Business Days
DHL Express
2-5 Business Days
UPS Express
2-5 Business Days
Aramex Express
4-7 Business Days
TNT Express
3-5 Business Days
5-10 Business Days
Global Mail &
Registered Mail
14-25 Business Days
Free Standard Shipping
(Global Mail)
Free Express Shipping
USANAUSD19USD18USD19NAUSD38USD5** / NAUSD69 or moreUSD99 or more
United KingdomUSD16USD19USD21NAUSD21USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
Australia & New ZealandUSD15USD19USD33USD15.90USD25USD29USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
RussiaNANANANAUSD34USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreN/A
Germany & FranceUSD16USD19USD21USD15USD21USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
Denmark & SwitzerlandUSD16USD19USD25USD50USD24USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
SpainNANAUSD21NAUSD24USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreN/A
BrazilNANANAUSD80USD54USD45USD5** / USD6* (30-100 Business Days)USD69 or moreN/A
MexicoNANANANANANAUSD5** / USD6* (30-100 Business Days)USD69 or moreN/A
Sweden, Norway & FinlandUSD16USD19USD25USD50USD24USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
PolandUSD16USD33NAUSD57USD34USD45USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
JapanUSD11USD19USD33USD39USD17USD29USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
SingaporeUSD8USD15USD18USD20USD13USD20USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
Saudi ArabiaUSD13USD33USD67USD40USD40USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreN/A
Puerto RicoNAUSD35NANAUSD54NAUSD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
BelgiumUSD16USD19USD21USD15USD21USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
NetherlandsUSD16USD19NAUSD15USD21USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more
ItalyNAUSD19USD21USD15USD21USD38USD5** / USD6*USD69 or moreUSD99 or more

International Customers: Other Countries

If your country is not listed with the shipping fees, you can also check your shipping rates during checkout.

Note: For Global Mail & Registered Mail, each item added, $1.50 will be added. will impose $1 on each order, the amount will be automatically added to your original shipping fees.

Prohibited Countries List
Note: We do not deliver to the countries below.

  • Cuba
  • Iran(Islamic Republic Of)
  • Korea D.P.R(North Korea)
  • North Sudan
  • Syria
  • Israel

DHL Parcel Direct – Selected countries only.

DHL Parcel Direct, estimating 7 to 10 days to reach you. Shipping Rate is USD7 for all the countries listed below except for Australia.

Shipping rate Australia – USD8 .

FREE Standard Shipping Worldwide on every order & Express Shipping over USD99.

Spend at least USD99 to enjoy our FREE express shipping privileges right to your doorstep in a fast and worry-free way.

Express shipping: DHL Express, estimating 2 to 5 working days to reach you.

*Terms and conditions applied

– Selected countries only. The list is entitled to free Global Mail shipping only.

– Free Express Shipping are subject to product size and dimension weight, Product like Box of Mask, Wigs, Palty Hair product, Zero Seven multipurpose solution and etc.


For Bulky Products like Box of Masks, Palty Hair products, Zero Seven multipurpose solutions, Cosplay / Fashion Wigs and etc. Each customer only limited to order 3 boxes. Additional will be charged accordingly for anyone that purchase bulky product.

International shipments may be subjected to import taxes, duties, broker charges and customs fees, which are levied once your package reaches the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the recipient.

Maximum 3 pairs of circle lenses purchase if you’re choosing Aramex shipping method.

Common FAQs of Shipping

1. Do you provide worldwide shipping?

2: What are the shipping days and charges?

3. How fast do you ship or deliver?

4: Which are the countries that do not have the Fedex service?