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About Us

We carry a wide range of sizes to brands, colors, and designs. These colored contacts provide cosmetic looks in 0.00 power for those who just want to wear for color. We also carry some in prescription power lenses for those who need additional adjustments to their contacts. For each pair of contacts that you order, you will receive a free contact lens case. All shipping orders differ, based on location and product. You should receive tracking number 2-3 business days after you have placed the order. These cosmetic contacts can lasts up to 6 months – a year depending on how well you take care of them. On the website, it explains how to take care of your contacts procedure on the eye care page. The contacts we carry are distributed directly from Japan and Korea and it has an impact on your eyes. When wearing them it will appear slightly bigger depending on what size you choose to give that bubbly effect. We also carry regular sizes for those who does not want their eye bigger and just have the eye color changes. Lots of choices and designs to choose from. I would love to welcome everyone to the website and I hope you enjoy and love the new and updated version of the colored contact lenses. Thank you so much once again. Please like, comment and share our page and social media pages! Enjoy ! And I hope you are satisfied with what we have.

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